The Best Stone Countertop Protection

So, you are the proud owner of custom stone counter tops and they were a significant investment.

At American Quality Products, we appreciate the importance of protecting your investment and that is why Protegere™ is backed by an industry leading 15 year warranty.

Because of the unique beauty and the fact that no two slabs are exactly alike, natural stone surfaces are still the number one choice of consumers today.

It is important to know that stone surfaces are also one of the most porous products on the market and it is recommended by professionals that these surfaces be sealed as often as two times per year.

With Protegere™ you have the peace of mind that your countertops will be protected against staining and discoloration that can occur if your stone is not sealed properly.

Additionally, surfaces that are sealed with Protegere™ are easily wiped clean with soap and water making them considerably lower maintenance. Protegere™ can also be applied to existing countertops by an authorized applicator.

Stay tuned for our exclusive line of Protegere Cleaning products…


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