Granitize Products, Inc.

Granitize Products, Inc., originally “Groves Granitize,” was established in 1930, as a manufacturer and distributor of automobile polishes, waxes, and cleaners.

In 1984 Tony Raymondo Sr., who had worked himself up through the ranks since 1954, bought the company and is currently the president/CEO. In 1987, Tony Raymondo Sr. recognized the need to expand into automotive preventative maintenance products and created a line of products to help vehicles run better and last longer.

Granitize has since introduced industry leading products for the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, cooling system and climate control systems as well as expanded to include products for boats and airplanes.

In addition, Granitize launched a complete line of the highest quality surface care products beginning with their flagship product Gel-Gloss. The Gel-Gloss brand of cleaners and polished can be used on most types of surfaces within the home including fiberglass, marble, acrylics, windows, mirrors, natural stone, appliances, and countertops of all types. The surface care products have experienced global success and can be found in Home Depot stores throughout the country. Protegere protective sealant is the latest addition to the ever expanding Granitize product line and can be found through a nationwide network of authorized dealers.