Did you know that natural stone counter tops are the leading choice of consumers today?

Did you know that these one-of-a-kind stone surfaces are the most porous product on the market and that it is recommended by professionals that natural stone be sealed as often as two times per year?

Did you know that simple household spills such as red wine, fruit juice, coffee, and most pasta sauces can cause discoloration and staining that can be extremely costly to repair?

Now there is a revolutionary new product on the market that will protect your natural stone surfaces from common household staining for an industry leading 15 years. Developed by Granitize, a leading manufacturer of polishes, cleaners and sealants since 1930, Protegere™ protective sealant is unique in that it utilizes advanced molecular adhesion that forms a solid barrier on the surface of your granite and does not require periodic reapplication to maintain its protective integrity. Counters that are protected by the Protegere™ proprietary technology are significantly less maintenance and can be simply wiped clean with soap and water or mild nonabrasive cleaners. The Protegere™ warranty is also transferable adding value to your home when it comes time for resale. So, safeguard your stone with Protegere™ and enjoy the peace of mind that every homeowner deserves!